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Joe Arrington Cancer Research and Treatment Center

A New Day

Tobacco Cessation Program
Dawn Hudgens R.N. Certified Tobacco Cessation Treatment Specialist

Quitting smoking can be very difficult. With the right tools and support it can be done. Studies have shown that a combination of the right nicotine replacement therapy partnered with counseling is the best chance to get on the road to a tobacco free life. We named our program A New Day because that's how we want you to feel. On that first day of your tobacco free life it's a new day with positive health, improved family life, monetary benefits and added years of possibilities.

What does the program consist of?

We suggest five counseling sessions

  • First to help you decide the best quit method for you and to set a quit date.
  • A day or two before your quit date to insure you are prepared with the best tools to promote success.
  • A week after your quit date to discuss how things are going and work through any obstacles.
  • Two weeks after quit date to discuss relapse prevention and discuss obstacles.
  • One month after quit date to solidify all you have learned and confidently pronounce you a nonsmoker.

How are sessions conducted?

  • In person at the Lifestyle Centre at Covenant Medical Center.
  • Over the phone is available for clients who live out of town. Advanced payment is necessary for phone sessions.

What does it cost?

  • The first session usually is about an hour and costs $50.
  • The next four sessions are usually 30 minutes and cost $30.
  • If all five sessions are purchased as a package the cost is $140. (a $30 discount)

Covenant LifeStyle Centre
3615 19th St. Lubbock, TX 79410

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