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Gamma Knife® Radiosurgery

Gamma Knife

The Covenant NeuroScience Institute is the only facility in our region to offer the Elekta Leksell Gamma Knife ® , a non-invasive alternative to conventional neurosurgery. This exciting technology allows us to treat many kinds of tumors and other brain abnormalities—even those that are inaccessible or inoperable using conventional surgery.

How does the Gamma Knife work?

Performed by our multi-disciplinary team of specially trained experts, the Gamma Knife procedure destroys unhealthy tissue using 201 beams of radiation. Only when these beams intersect are they powerful enough to destroy the target area—no healthy tissue is harmed.

What are the benefits of the Gamma Knife?

  • Non-invasive —No incisions that could lead to infections and require expensive general anesthesia are needed.
  • Extends the realm of possibility —The Gamma Knife treats deep-seated tumors and other brain abnormalities that previously may have been inoperable.
  • Completed in one day —Conventional brain surgeries require up to a two- to three-week hospital stay.
  • Short recovery time —While traditional brain surgeries require weeks of rehabilitation, patients treated with the Gamma Knife can immediately resume their normal activities.

Discover how the region's best neurological care can benefit you and your loved ones. Learn more and watch a video about Gamma Knife, or Contact us to make an appointment.

Covenant Gamma Southwest

Gamma Knife

Harold K. Smith, M.D.
3601 21st Street
Lubbock, TX 79410

For patient referral or more information call 806.725.7000 or 1-800-764-5222 ext. 57000

Our team of neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, nurses and technicians unite to provide the best possible clinical experience for your patients.

Gamma Knife

As the surgical procedure requires an early start, our staff will be happy to arrange overnight accommodations for out-of-town patients and their accompanying family members.

During the first nine months of operation, Covenant Gamma Southwest in Lubbock, Texas has treated over 114 patients.

We are very pleased to expand our area of service to Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma.

You don't need to travel to a huge congested metropolitan area like Dallas or Houston to have the Gamma Knife procedure anymore. Here in Lubbock, we can offer you a small town ambience with a new state-of-the art center and provide world class doctors. We also can offer you discounts on several hotels in the area.

The Gamma Knife is used for treating tumors and other brain abnormalities, including those that are inaccessible or inoperable with conventional surgery. The Gamma Knife focuses beams of radiation directly into the affected tissue.

With the only Gamma Knife in the region, Covenant has alleviated the need for patients to drive elsewhere to receive the care they need.

For more information on Covenant Gamma Southwest, please call 806.725.7000.

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