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Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

As an alternative to traditional hip replacement, Covenant Orthopedics offers Birmingham Hip™ Resurfacing (BHR) surgery. Best suited to patients younger than age 55 or extremely active but older patients, BHR surgery can relieve hip pain caused by arthritis and degenerative hip disease and restore full movement.

How Does It Work?

During the BHR procedure, the rough, damaged surface of the hip joint is sanded away. Next, the surgeon caps both the ball and socket of the joint with high carbide cobalt chrome. This preserves more of the bone, but allows the metal-covered joint to glide smoothly in a natural motion.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Long-lasting
    Unlike traditional polyethylene joints, BHR joints are not vulnerable to premature wear and loosening of the implant.

  • Conserves Bone
    Because the prosthesis fits over the reshaped head of the femur, it retains valuable bone.
  • Long Clinical History
    In fact, it has the longest clinical history of any resurfacing device, with more medical support data worldwide than any other product.
  • Allows a Return to an Active Lifestyle
    Because it restores the hip's functional motion, you can resume you favorite activities.

Find out if you're a candidate for the BHR procedure. Use our online tool to find a physician or contact us to make an appointment.

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