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Easy Street Environment®

Designed for patients recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury, orthopedic surgeries or other life-changing medical issues, Covenant Rehab Centers-Inpatient Unit’s Easy Street Environment simulates real-world situations in a clinical environment.

How does it work?

Easy Street is a life-sized replica of a city street, complete with a grocery store, restaurant, shops and a car. Individual modules incorporate common obstacles, including curbs, steps, doorways and ramps. Patients can even practice walking on a variety of surfaces, such as brick, concrete and tile.

What are the benefits?

The Easy Street environment gives rehabilitation patients the opportunity to practice everyday skills like shopping and restaurant dining in a safe, clinical environment. By mastering these skills while still in an inpatient setting, patients feel more comfortable when they’re ready to return home and start reasserting their independence.

Recovery can be a tough journey, but Covenant Rehab Centers will help you make it a positive experience. Get on the road to recovery. Use our online tool to find a physician or contact us to make an appointment today.

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