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 Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Services

School contracts

The sports medicine program maintains contracts to provide athletic training services to area high schools. This contract is to provide on-site athletic training services for the school. It includes practice and game coverage.

Drive-by Schools

The sports medicine program maintains a relationship with a number of six-man schools. This entails stopping by the school once a week or every other week to provide service for them.

Schools with Athletic Trainers

The sports medicine program maintains a relationship with area schools that employ athletic trainers. We are always available to help those trainers facilitate physician appointments, provide access to rehabilitation facilities or be a source of information. These area schools include Lubbock ISD, Frenship, Levelland, Brownfield, Denver City, Seminole, Plainview and Cooper. We also maintain a relationship with Lubbock Christian University and South Plains College for the same purpose.


The sports medicine program maintains a relationship with a number of orthopedic surgeons and provides referrals to those physicians for athletic injuries. This relationship provides the athlete with quick access to the physician and the physician with appropriate patients.

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Special Events

The sports medicine program has provided athletic trainer coverage of special events. These include the Buffalo Springs Triathlon, Caprock Basketball Tournament, NJCAA Regional Basketball Tournament, NJCAA National Track and Field Championships, AJGA Golf Tournament and a number of smaller events.

Contract Labor Athletic Trainers

The sports medicine program is able to provide its services by using contract labor personnel to maximize coverage while minimizing expense. The majority of these persons are licensed athletic trainers who are currently working on an advanced degree. The sports medicine program provides a venue for these athletic trainers to gain real world experience while working on their degree. We have worked with over 60 athletic trainers in this manner. These athletic trainers have gone on to find full time jobs all over the state and nation. They fulfill our school contracts.

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