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 Surgical Services

Surgical Services

Covenant Surgical Services

When medication, lifestyle changes and other non-surgical treatments cannot relieve symptoms, surgery is the accepted treatment for a broad range of conditions. Surgery can be a scary proposition for a patient, no matter how routine the procedure. If surgery is recommended, you want to learn as much as you can about your surgical options and find the physician and hospital that are right for you.

Covenant Health is home to the region’s best surgeons and most advanced surgical techniques. From minor outpatient procedures to complex surgeries, patients can count on the expertise of our surgical teams and the comfort and convenience of our facilities.

We offer the latest surgical technology and procedures, including:

As part of our mission of caring, we do everything possible to answer your questions before surgery, keep your loved ones informed and make you comfortable while you recover.

For more information about surgery at Covenant, call 806.725.8700 or 1.888.810.9107.

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