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 Surgical Services

Surgical Services

Hybrid Operating Room

Covenant's Hybrid O.R. Brings the Best Care to Patients

The Hybrid Operating Room merges minimally invasive and traditional surgical sciences with advanced imaging technology. The state-of-the-art hybrid surgery suite allows interventional cardiologist, radiologists and vascular surgeons to work together in one room to perform the traditional diagnostic functions of the cardiac catheterization labs or interventional radiology suites with traditional surgical functions of the operating room.

This unique team approach allows physicians to use real-time intra-operative image guidance to evaluate, intervene and assess the results of minimally invasive procedures, complex minimally invasive procedures, and open surgical cases. It allows a full range of procedures including interventional, endovascular, minimally invasive, traditional surgical and hybrid procedures.

The Hybrid Operating Room creates an environment where interventional approaches can be performed under the most complex conditions, including patients who are considered high risk. In the course of performing interventional procedures, it sometimes becomes necessary for physicians to perform traditional "open" surgery. In this situation, time is critical. Thanks to the Hybrid Operating Room's "surgical safety net," there are no delays in getting patients the life-saving surgical services they need.

The room supports a multi-disciplinary approach and can easily adapt to different setups required for the diverse procedures that are now possible with this one operating room - including cardiovascular, neurosurgical, general surgical and urologic procedures.

The benefits to patients from the Hybrid Operating Room and combined team approach are:

  • Reduced number of separate procedures required for a patient
  • Potential for shortened overall patient recovery time
  • Enhanced patient safety
  • Reduced cost of overall treatment

Covenant Health's Hybrid Operating Room is located at Covenant Medical Center on the second floor surgery unit and represents the first of its kind in Lubbock and the entire west Texas and eastern New Mexico region. It will allow a multitude of new procedures that have not previously been performed in our region providing another advance in clinical excellence in cardiac care.

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