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Covenant Maternity Center

Pre-Admission Program

Covenant Maternity Center has developed a Pre-Admission Program to help you prepare for your scheduled delivery. Following this process will make your scheduled procedure experience more relaxing so you can focus your attention on the baby to come.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with our Pre-Admission Registered Labor and Delivery Nurse prior to your scheduled cesarean or induction date. Our nurse will ensure your registration is in order, lab work and all necessary paperwork including history and physical is complete. This is a time when education is offered and questions can be answered prior to your delivery.

Prior to a scheduled cesarean birth, certain steps should be taken and our Pre-Admission Nurse will provide you with the materials and instruction necessary to prepare for your delivery.

Once your delivery date has been set, you are welcome to call (806)725-7444 to set up an appointment within 7 days of your delivery.

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