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The Women's Care Center at Covenant Children's Hospital

Baby Development Tracking App

Circle by Covenant Health is a FREE smartphone app for expectant women and moms with kids ages 0-18.

What’s in the app?

Circle provides updated content throughout your pregnancy and for baby’s first year through their teens. In addition to informative articles, to-dos, and reminders, Circle offers trackers for fetal movement, pregnancy weight gain, vaccines, feeding, and diapers for moms-to-be and moms.

Who authors the content?

Circle content comes from a number of sources, both licensed and internal. Circle leverages licensed content from American Academy of Pediatrics, Staywell, and KidsHealth. Also, much of the content is written by Covenant's parent organization Providence-St Joe Health.

How to Experience Circle by Covenant Health

Circle is available onApple iOS and Android phones. Search for Circle by Covenant Health on the App Store or Google Play.

Apple iOS:

Google Android OS:

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