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The Women's Care Center at Covenant Children's Hospital


Note: All deliveries are performed at The Women's Center at Covenant Children's Hospital at 4000 24th Street.

Where to park when you arrive for your delivery

When you arrive for your delivery, parking is available in front of the main hospital entrance. The main entrance with the circular drive will direct you to a set of elevators that will take you to the 4th Floor, where our Labor & Delivery and Mother/Baby Unit are located.

If you are in labor or scheduled for an induction: Check in at the Labor & Delivery Unit (North Nurses Station)

If you are a scheduled C-Section: Check in at the Mother/Baby Unit (South Nurses Station)

Parking is free of charge.

If assistance is needed, please feel free to park in the circular driveway at the entrance of the hospital and ask for a wheelchair and transportation to the Labor & Delivery Unit.


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