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The Women's Care Center at Covenant Children's Hospital

Special Services

Birth Certificate and Social Security Number Assignment

After your newborn is born during your hospital stay, a Birth Registrar staff member will visit you in your room to complete the necessary information for the filing of your baby’s birth certificate. In order to complete the birth certificate information, we must have your baby’s name. To ensure that the birth records process proceeds smoothly for you, we would like to ask you to complete the Certificate Intake Form that will be given to you after delivery. This will ensure that the Birth Registrar has all the information needed to prepare the birth certificate for your child.

As a courtesy to our parents, we can help you obtain a social security number for your newborn. In order to do so, we must have your baby’s name at the time the birth certificate is completed. Your child’s social security card will be forwarded to you within five to eight weeks from the Social Security Administration Office.

Celebration Dinner

During your hospital stay, you and your support person will be served a Celebration Meal. This is Covenant’s way of congratulating you on your new addition and expressing our gratitude for choosing Covenant as your hospital of choice.

A representative from dietary will visit your room to take your order from a choice of steak, chicken cordon bleu, or lasagna.

Covenant Prenatal Care Center

The Prenatal Care Center provides comprehensive prenatal care under certified family Nurse Practitioner. She works with the premier obstetricians of Covenant Medical Group to provide the best personalized care for you and your baby, with decreased wait times. The Clinic is conveniently located in Suite 303 in the Medical Office Building next to Covenant Children’s Hospital. The Prenatal Care Center accepts most commercial insurance plans, Texas Medicaid, and self-funded patients. Call (806)725-7625 for more information.

Prenatal Yoga for Expecting Moms

Covenant Prenatal Yoga classes are specifically designed to help prepare the body and mind for labor, birth, and motherhood. These classes also deepen the bond with your baby prenatally. Postures are carefully chosen to be safe for mom and baby and help you more easily adapt to the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth. We teach specialized movements and breathing techniques to be used during labor. Our “pregnancy circle” provides a source of support and encouragement from each other.

For more information on Prenatal Yoga, contact

See “Post Delivery Program” section for information on our Mommy & Me Yoga Program.

Spiritual Care

Covenant Hospital is dedicated to ministering to the needs of the whole person - body, mind and spirit.

The Spiritual Care Team is available to you 24/7. Let your nurse know if you are in need of the Spiritual Care Team and we will assure that they attend to your needs.


There is a chapel in the lobby that is open 24 hours a day. You are welcome to use and enjoy this room for quiet time and prayer.

Prayer Garden

Our healing garden is a quiet place to pray, meditate and reflect. The entrance to the garden can be found by entering the lobby and turning left past the elevators in the main lobby. The garden is accessed by the Ronald McDonald House Day Room.

Interpreter Services

When communicating in English is not possible or advisable, Covenant Hospital is committed to providing interpreter services to maintain efficient and adequate communications with patients and families in their primary language or sign language.

For more information on any of these services, or to schedule a tour of Covenant Women's Center, please call 806.725.6667

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