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For Patients

Patient FAQs

Common Patient Questions

How can my family reach me in the hospital?

Family members and friends may call the following numbers and request to be transferred to you:

Covenant Medical Center: 806.725.0000
Covenant Children’s Hospital: 806.725.0000

They may also request your room phone number and dial directly to you.

How can I find out about job openings at Covenant Health?

We are always looking to add great people to our team. Visit our careers page for information about employment opportunities at Covenant.

Can you help me find a doctor in my area?

Yes. Check out our find a physician tool, where you can search by location or type of physician.

How can I request a copy of my medical records?

Download the patient history form or call 806.725.0501.

When can I expect to receive a bill? Why was I sent a statement when my insurance company is supposed to pay my bill?

Once your insurance company has been billed and has responded to us, we determine how much you may owe and bill you. Payment will be due thirty (30) days after a bill is sent to you. If your insurance company does not pay within ninety (90) days of receiving a bill from the Covenant Health, you may receive a statement showing that your insurance company has not paid the bill. Whether you have insurance coverage or not, you as the patient are ultimately responsible to make sure your bill is paid. If you receive a statement showing that your insurance company has not paid, it may be helpful for you to contact your insurance company to ask why payment has not been made. Visit our billing page for more payment information.

How do I pay my bill?

Payment for your portion of the bill (co-insurance, co-payment, deductible, uncovered services, full bill, etc.) is due at the time services are provided or within 30 days of receiving a bill. Payment can be sent by check, money order or accepted credit cards. Please do not send cash through the mail. If you choose to pay in cash, please pay in person. Include the patient’s name, medical history number, and/or hospital account number with your payment. Visit our billing page for more payment information.

How can I make a donation?

Please visit our Ways to Give page for donation options.

What is the purpose of having an Advance Directive?

An Advance Directive allows you to tell us your future care choices in case you become unable to express them. Our Spiritual Care department is available to help you make this important decision.

What if I have questions or concerns regarding the quality and safety of care or services provided at Covenant Health Systems?

Covenant Health is proudly accredited by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission welcomes comments or concerns regarding the quality and safety of care, treatment, and services that the hospital has not addressed. The public may contact the Joint Commission's Office of Quality Monitoring by calling 1-800-994-6610. Comments and concerns may also be reported to our Guest Services department at 806-725-4583.

Email us or contact us at the following addresses and telephone numbers for general information.

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